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Pledge agreements and a pledge register

Securities may either secure fulfillment of obligation or be used as payment. Securities motivate a debtor to fulfill their obligation in time and properly. A debtor is aware, that they may be deprived of their possession which was provided as a security.

A security may be used as a payment in case that a debtor has not fulfilled their obligation properly. The security may be then sold and the proceeds used for the payment.

A security (or lien) may be attached to a real estate, but also to any movable properties or rights.

According to Czech law, a security agreement concerning a real estate property not registered in the land register or any movable properties must have the form of a notarial act.

Further information on is on the web site of The Society of Notaries of The Czech Republic (Notarial Services/Surety Agreements and the Sureties Register).